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About Us

We at Emerson Brothers, Inc. take great pride in our work, hence the phrase, “A Heritage of Excellence.” Our family has been in the masonry business here in Hampton Roads for over fifty years. We strive to create a reputation of integrity, quality, timeliness, and lasting value in every job we do. We specialize in custom masonry work, but we also do standard brick, block, and stone work. Whatever you envision, we can bring that vision to fruition.


As you consider different contractors, we would encourage you to see first-hand our work and the work of others so you can see the difference. We strive for excellence which we consider critical since our work, once done, will be there for years to come. We desire for our customers and ourselves to be happy with the finished product from day one to years and years from now. We consider our product to be the best in our industry and are confident that when you see our work you will agree.


Through the entire process of meeting each other to the finished product, we stand by our word, our product, our schedule, and our price. And when there are necessary repairs, though not often, we attend to them immediately.

Fully Licensed and insured

We are a Class A Building and Masonry Contractor
License #2701036202A
We continually carry up-to-date Worker’s Compensation and General Liability.

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